Onsite Crushing & Screening Recycling Services

Why A&A?

  • High quality product:  Our crusher plant and screens are outfitted with more magnets than the industry standard to ensure the most clean, metal-free product!
  • Environmentally friendly: Recycling with A&A is great for the environment and better for your bottom line!
  • Minimize trucking expense:  With our onsite service you don’t have to truck away your debris or truck in a useable product.  We’ll provide all that you need where and when you need it!
  • Utmost flexibility: We have the portability, tools and time tested experience to provide you with all your crushing, screening, trucking, and demolition needs.

Clean product
Twice as many magnets as our competitors!

Go Green
100% Positive environmental impact!

Minimize trucking costs by up to 70%

100% Portable Crushing Plants and Screens!